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Safety and Welfare

At LLI the safety the welfare of our Young Learners is paramount. From the minute our Young Learners arrive at the airport we have a dedicated LLI representative there to meet them and accompany the student to their host family or residence. All students are given a card with their details and an emergency number to contact in case of any problems On their first day Homestay students are brought to school by the host family and the route is explained to them so they will be comfortable making their own way. At school they are given a full orientation explaining their timetable, the activities they will take part in and what to do in case of any difficulty. We make the students aware of the rules of the school and Young Learners have a curfew of 10pm unless they are in the company of an LLI representative at an activity.

In all centres, we have dedicated, experienced and trained staff whose responsibility is to ensure that students are safe, healthy and happy. We are, of course, fully accredited by the Irish regulatory bodies and so have all the required first aid procedures and facilities in place.