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Transition Year Language Program

This exciting programme is open to students age 15-17 who would like to spend part of their school year in a High School /Secondary School Abroad. It is ideal for Transition Year students who wish to improve their language skills and experience a class room in another country. With the oral and aural components of the Leaving cert Exam now worth 45% of the overall grade- it makes sense now more than ever to immerse you in the country where the language is spoken and reap the benefits come 6th year.

10 Reasons to Study Abroad

  • Improve you language skills and learn to speak like a native
  • Open your eyes to new ways of thinking
  • Immerse yourself in a totally different culture
  • It looks great on your CV!
  • Give yourself a head start for the Leaving Cert
  • Experience a classroom in another country
  • Learn how to be more independent, flexible and tolerant
  • Learn to appreciate what you have already got.
  • Become a global citizen
  • Meet new people and make friends for life.

Transition Year in France

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Transition Year in Spain 

Click here to read details about our Transition Year in Spain programme


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